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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Party Dcor Pop

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year, so make your decor stand out with these easy tips. From sparkly candles to crafty printables, you have all the tools to make this year’s decor the best.


The holidays are a charming time for the more sentimental among us. Parties are a great time to break out the glitter and add some sparkle and pizazz. Everything from candles to counter tops can become more inviting and in the spirit of the holiday with a little bit of glitter. From hanging decorations embellished with a little sparkle to Christmas trees dusted in glitter for a frosted, icy look, glitter is a great choice to make your holiday party decor pop.

Fairy Lights

There’s something cozy about string lights that fit the feeling of the holiday season. These especially make for an excellent background if you plan on having pictures taken at your party. Your home decorations will pop when you set up a photo booth with fairy lights and other holiday items. You can easily capture the holiday spirit and create a memorable party with elegant and playful string lights.

That Holiday Feeling

A rustic, welcoming environment is one of the best atmospheres for throwing a party during the holiday season. Handmade ceramic ware, wooden spoons, cozy rugs and knit throws all add to the wholesome holiday feeling. Eating artisan bread with warm cider around the fireplace sets the stage for a memorable party. Incorporate aged wood and rustic decor for a party your guests won’t forget. Anything from chunky knitted stockings to handmade wreaths will bring something special to this year’s holiday party.


Cute and kitschy mugs can set the tone for a quirky holiday party. As Kiplinger points out, holiday mugs can make for great party favors when hosting a get-together. We recommend filling your mugs with cute and fun gifts like hot chocolate mix or candy and displaying them to set the holiday mood. No holiday is the same without cute and cheap party favors. With all kinds of designs, mugs are a great choice for holiday party decor.


One of the best ways to customize your home or apartment for the holiday season is with printed decor. From name plates to decorative banners, you can bring in your crafty side to make the best holiday party decor. Even The Huffington Postknows how wonderful it can be to bring printed decorations to your holiday party. This year, get creative to make your holiday decor stand out.


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