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8 Fun Outdoor Exercises to do This Fall

Fall weather brings cooler temperatures and beautiful color to much of the United States. With that comes the desire to move workouts from the gym to the great outdoors. There are several fun workouts that can be moved outside easily allowing you to enjoy the fall weather while it lasts.


Hiking is a great cardiovascular activity and strength building activity. There are many hiking trails that range from an easy level of difficulty to those that might present a big challenge for participants. Most will offer great scenic views in addition to a great workout!


If you prefer to run, stepping off of the treadmill and onto the pavement is very enticing during fall. Running outdoors can be more of a challenge than on a treadmill, so be prepared for a tougher workout that will leave you sweating despite the chilly temperatures.


If the high impact nature of running doesn’t sound appealing, you may find that a brisk walk is a better fit. Walking outdoorsprovides an incredible amount of health benefits and can be an enjoyable experience for people of all fitness levels.



This is a great upper body exercise if you live near some water or don’t mind travelling to the nearest lake or pond. Kayakingprovides not only cardiovascular training but also provides strength training amidst a beautiful setting.

Bike Ride

Riding a bike is a pastime that is designed to provide you with a great outdoor workout during the fall. There are many bike races that occur during these months that would allow you to explore many different areas of the country while riding through beautiful scenery.


A more gentle approach to outdoor workouts this all would be to find a yoga class that meets outside. Depending on the type of yoga workout you choose, it can be a very physical activity that is also a good activity for your emotional well being. Many yoga classes choose to meet in nature during the fall months due to the color changes as well as the low humidity weather.

Circuit Train

Circuit training doesn’t have to be confined to a gym when there is a great outdoors to explore! If you love this type of workout but also want to be outside this fall, you may consider finding a park and changing some of your circuits to be doable using the nature around you. One example of an outdoor circuit would be instead of a weight bench, you could use a park bench for tricep dips circuit.



Finally, one of the more entertaining forms of outdoor exercise this fall is to find some friends and play a game together! Whether it is football, kickball, soccer, another of your favorites, these games provide a fun way to get a great workout outdoors while having fun at the same time.


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