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3 Wooden Gifts Every Dad Would Love

Not every Dad is a great chef, but we’re willing to bet that even if your Dad is a total mess in the kitchen, he still likes to eat and to host as the master of his domain. A personalized wooden cutting board is a beautiful, one of a kind gift that can be used for years to come.

Even if he doesn’t do much chopping on it, we know that he’ll love putting it out to serve cheese and meats on for any occasion. It also makes a great serving tray for drinks or appetizers, or when Dad just feels like being fancy when he’s eating his favorite snack while watching the game.

2. Mid-Century Bar Cart
For the Dad who has everything, may we suggest you gift him with someplace to put it! A wooden bar cart is a beautiful, sophisticated piece that fits in with every type of home furnishing, so there’s no way Mom can turn it away. It’s relatively small but still, makes a big statement. These carts reached the height of their popularity in the 1960s, but are making a comeback today, in part because of their simple design and practicality.

Easily rolled from room to room to create just the right drink at just the right time, these wooden bar carts have enough space to contain several drink options, but manage never to look cluttered or out of place.

3. A Piece of Baseball History
There’s nothing Dad loves more than baseball, except you, of course! Several companies sell wooden pens and cufflinks made out of wooden seats from world famous baseball parks like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. We’re sure you know what baseball team your dad is a die-hard fan of, so all you have to do then is pick out his gift. In fact, some baseball organizations even sell off old, removed stadium seats to fans as a way to raise money to maintain the park. Check out the website of your dad’s favorite team to see if this is an option.

Gifts for Dad and wood go together like, well, like you and Dad do! We hope this list has inspired you to look around for a more natural approach to giving your dad something he actually wants this year. Even though we’re pretty sure all he truly wants is some time with you!

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